Saturday, July 24, 2010

And Wormholes!

So I finally got fed up searching for a wormhole when one of the wormhole merchants came up with this wormhole: J102849. So I bought it!

The fact that it had all the planets needed for POS fuels is what really hooked me. Yeah, it's a C1 with a low mass limit. That works both for and against me. For in that people won't be bringing in battleships, while I plan on manufacturing some for us to use in the hole for protection, which may be overkill. Against me in that I can't bring my Orca or rigged Hulks into the system, and any ships I make will not be able to get out of the hole.

I see alot of people selling wormholes with ships trapped in them. It does add to the flavor of the wormhole, but everyone is trying to get the price of the ships out of the wormhole too, and this isn't right, in my opinion. I'm going to pull together the minerals to make the ships in the wormhole itself. I'm going to use the ships, they're not for sale, so really I'm paying myself for them and they are paid for when I make them. It's not the "minerals you mine are free" arguement, because I don't believe they are, I'm just saying you expect these ships to stay with the hole, they belong to it after you decide to make them, and expecting full price for them along with the hole is ridiculous.

It has a static high sec exit, which is nice, but I'll have to take care of everyday to keep any poachers out. I've got my scanning alt inside to make sure I can't be kicked out, and I'm deciding what kind of a POS I will put up!

I'm extremely excited!

Forgotten Heathen out.

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