Monday, March 14, 2011

Selling one slightly used Class 2.

Well, owning two wormholes is wearing on us again. We have two Class 2s atm, one with static C1 and hi sec, and one with static C3 and hi sec. The first has a Moros dreadnought and a Rorqual, and the second has two carriers, a Chimera and a Thanatos, along with a Rorqual.

We pretty much haven't been able to use the second hole because of being stretched thin, so one has to go. So we're selling our Class 2 with the dread and Rorqual. We'd like to get 2 bil for it, it's a fast spawning wormhole, and the constellation it's in spawns very few K162s, leaving you alone to plunder the riches. We've pulled numerous billions out of this hole, upgrading almost all our characters to T3 ships, as well as financing all our capital ship training.

The wormhole also contains all the PI required for POS fuels, with numerous barren to set up High Tech and give you the main minerals for most of the redundant fuels.

The locus is J144326, send Forgotten Heathen a mail if you feel like making us an offer!

Edit:Looks like the D382 finally stopped spawning after having repeatadly respawned for over a month.

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