Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New Beginning?

As most of you probably noticed, my last foray back into Eve did not hold me. I had no purpose other than to raise my isk numbers. Of course, isk is all well and good, but I crave more than that. So I'm giving it a try again for awhile with a couple of friends.

So far the plan is to mine the ever loving snot out of Ammatar space, and use the minerals to produce Orcas and Providence freighters. I've also secured some decent low sec PI spots, even though that didn't go so well for me last time I attempted it. But, I am much older and wiser than I once was, so mayhaps I will not make the same mistakes.

I'm constantly fighting the urge to look for a new wormhole.......we'll see how long I can last. :)

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