Monday, May 6, 2013

Jita Burns

Well I apparently arrived back in game to find out that this isn't a great time to be using a freighter......

I guess 1000s of people are in Jita burning freighters out of the sky. I, thankfully, was not one of their victims. I did get reboxxed a couple times, which at the time I thought was odd that half the ships at a gate suddenly turned red. I thought it was some sort of fluke, but I guess they had started shooting. I never got scratched seeing as how I wasn't afk and jumped away easily. \

Not sure what this is about, but the freighter is staying docked.

On to other news. Not much else has been going on other than some mining. Certainly not going to be updates like when I was back in the hole.

So far I've had two great disappointments. First, DUST 514 gear is not available for us to produce yet. And secondly, I cannot find the corp blueprints anywhere. I know they were in a small audit container with a strange password set by my corpmate, Gnicklas. I moved them into the wormhole once to sort out if I needed any in there to research or produce, but we never got moving on that, so they came right back out. The problem is, did they come out with one of my three main accounts, or with one of the other alternates? As of now the container and all the researched BPOs can't be found. None of the accounts I've activated had them or the container, and neither does the corp.

So I'm left wondering if I moved them using a hauler character I don't have access to. And atm, producing things using those BPOs is really one of the only things I'm looking forward to. So do I or don't I activate the remaining accounts, just to find they aren't on them and perhaps are on Nick's accounts. Argh.

I wish there was some sort of item search for offline accounts.

EDIT: I broke down an reactivated my fourth account, and there they were! All the corps researched BPOs, totally roughly 1.5 bil in worth. Did some mining, pulled in 70 mil worth of omber and plagio. Will be looking at manufacturing soon!

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  1. Welcome back, Heathen! While you have been away, I moved on in the universe from my old corp, Sephray Industries, over to Agony Unleashed, where I am the head of Agony's PVP-University program. If you are looking for something new and fun to try, take a look at our forums at and hop into one of my free public roams (but use a naked clone!) that I run once a month (next one will be in about two weeks, I'll be announcing it in a week or so).
    So very glad to see your blog is back, I long enjoyed reading it, and even though I've left the wormhole life far behind, your blog still remains one of my favorites. I look forward to enjoying reading about your return to Eve and your reaction to all the changes that have occurred while you have been gone!
    Welcome back :)