Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Gravimetric Mechanics?

I know I posted about this last week, along with the GM response, about the giant spod roid we encountered that subsequently disappeared. Well, we warped into a grav site this week and were happily mining our way down the list when we ran into a 35k bistot!

We are 100% sure we opened this site and it had not gone through a downtime. We've seen this a few times now, and this is the third I've documented. The GM claimed that the site mechanics haven't changed, but I've been doing grav sites for a long time now, and this is the only consistant time I've seen these roids occur with the site spawn.

Anyone else out there running into these yet? The bistot was not any bigger in actual size than the rest, so the only way we knew it was alot bigger was with a survey scanner.


  1. I just wanted to add that I am extremely happy that they are obviously throwing us some sort of bone here. It adds at least a small amount of interest when we open a new grav site in what is otherwise an extremely dry and boring profession. Hopefully they see fit to do this with grav sites in hi sec as well.

  2. I get the 35k bistot rocks in the lower end grav sites that only have one or two bistot rocks.

    The bigger sites tend to have multiple 15k rocks spread all over the place.


  3. This was in a site that had like four 5k roids, so it was completely out of place with the site's normal roids and size.