Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well That Did Not Go As Planned II : Lack Of Hitting Scan Returns; The Final Wormfail

You really figure after awhile you've got this all figured out and no one is going to get the drop on you. Whoa boy howdy did I just get the rug pulled out from under me.

As I have mentioned lately, I've been looking for a C3. My priorities for it were it had to have a high sec static and all PI available.

Well enter a sale for this wormhole.

I was in love. Full PI, a single static meaning a single WH only most of the time to babysit, and if it turned into something really nice, it's a C3 with mercoxit in the grav sites. And he only wanted 300 mil for it.

I finally got in touch with the seller this morning, but I had a trip scheduled with my fiance's family, and he said he'd most likely have it sold by then. Oh well, no problem, I'll be back by 2100 game time, I'll look you up then. Kthxbye.

Our trip ended up taking much longer than expected due to a dead battery on the car I rode in, so I figured, surely the WH sold. And, yes, the seller said when I managed to get home and on, it had sold. Alright, np, good day to you sir.

Close convo. 10 seconds later another one pops up from the seller. "Wait." he says. "No, the C3 hasn't sold."



So I bought it, transaction went smoothly, and I was in anchoring a medium temp POS and off I went to buy a large POS since I didn't have one sitting around like I thought. I bought a new Impel for the hole, and filled up the fuel on medium, but no strontium, the local trade hub didn't have practically any. No matter, I'll head back to my C2 and grab some of my extra, but I'll do that later.

What was that? Oh, that was nothing except my hopes and dreams being crushed, pay no attention!

I pick up some White Noise Generators and head back to the wormhole. I had my Anathema with combat probes out, my Devoter at the high sec hole side, Firt in the Impel setting up ECM, and Jelloshot in an Itty V with a corp array, ship array, and some more ECM.

My mistakes started piling up. I was too estatic. I had that "new wormhole" smell.

And that's when they struck. As Firt slowly flew around the outside of the POS shield setting up ECM, ships started appearing on his overview. WTF!? Well, it's an Impel, I can make it.....except that's a Broadsword and it just dropped a bubble.


I started yelling on vent, and got two corpmates to log on, but they were both in the other wormhole with no bookmark out. I warped the Devoter away from the hole as soon as they finished Firt's pod off. Full Standard implant set plus Mining Foreman Mindlink. *sigh* Oh well.

So now the Itty and the Devoter are in the shield, and more people are arriving. A Hound, a Malestrom, a Tempest, an Armageddon. They start attacking my offline, as of yet not onlined ECMs, three in all. At some point in time I opted to anchor the corp array, but had not onlined, so did not have anything inside the POS to lose except all the fuel. And no strontium.

Okay, well whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido. My mind raced. Bring our combat fleet in? No, Nick counseled, they're fit for PvP only, and probably have massive DPS, and we aren't set up to deal with that in here. He's right. So I decide to ignore the ransoms in local and the attempts at convos, and warp the Itty and Devoter to the far side of the system and logoffski. This goes according to plan.

Except the part where I realize I've left the wormhole with Forgotten, the only person with a scanning ship in there and have travelled 17 jumps to Pretoria, where I had planned on getting my combat Legion. They have battleships in the C3, and could close the high sec at any time if they realize this.


So I log on one of the scanning alts, and me and him head back the 17 jumps to the C3. The hole is still there. Whew. But the Broadsword is probably sitting at the hole, cloaked, waiting. So my plan is to jump in with Peturbo, the scanning alt in the Magnate, get him agressed, and cloak and head off with Forgotten in the Anathema.

K, one two jump!

And no one is there to witness my awesome plan. Very well. Get the scanning alt logged off and I proceed to find out where these fuckers came from. Yep, there's the K162 from another wormhole. A Typhoon shows up on scan and I get the warnings that Starbase Is Under Attack!

Oh well, have fun. I figure out there are no other wormholes and go play something else for awhile.

Fast forward a few hours. POS is gone. They actually expended the time to kill it. All I wish is that I had had the prescence of mind to yank as much of the fuel out as I could have. Oh well, my mind didn't work as fast as it could have.

So I can't put up the large POS I have in the itty's hold as there's only one anchoring attempt allowed per corp per day. So, the plan is to come back with an Orca full of my gear, it has warp stabs and a cloak. And more POS fuel. I am going to crit the hole, or get close to it. And try again tomorrow.

Crap, I need to buy some Oxygen.


  1. UPDATE: Got the Large POS online and a mostly dickstar defense up with a few guns to shoot at someone. Hole is fueled for a couple weeks. Now to figure out what to do with it....

  2. Re-coop your losses I'd say :)

    Do (some?) C3's really have Mercoxit, nowhere have I read that before

  3. I have not actually visited any of the grav sites here as of yet, so cannot confirm that C3 gravs do contain mercoxit. I have a read on a number of forums that they do. But I'll have to confirm that.

  4. Figured I'd post this, from someone who got Mercoxit in his grav sites in a C3.

    [quote]I've been living in a class 3 wormhole for about a month, yesterday an 'Infrequent core Deposit' grav site spawned which had some mercoxit in it.[/quote]

    Again, I still don't know if it's true. Maybe it only occurs in a single grav site type in class 3s. I won't be doing any mining in there for awhile, so I'll post about it when I do.