Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cashed Out

The nullsec crew that flew through our hole opened our B274 yesterday and I wasn't aware of it. I thought it had more time on it, but it's EoL now. We're seven jumps from Jita, so I've been busy hauling minerals, fuel, various skillbooks, and ship equipment in the Impels, and 259 nanoribbons. I am compressing ore in the Rorqual right now. I've decided to cash out everything except the minerals, I'll take them to market once I know I don't need the large part of the sellable zydrine, megacyte and noxcium.

In the end, this is what I sold:

Robotics: 5526 units = 241 mil
Enriched Uranium: 12,940 units = 96.4 mil
Mechanical parts: 17,726 units = 102.8 mil
Sleeper Loot: 456 mil
Melted Nanoribbons: 259 units = 1.567 BIL

Total: 2.463 BIL

Prices on minerals have been falling, so this is another of those times where I have to decide wether to sit on them or sell. I haven't decided which to do yet.

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