Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cycling O477s

Yesterday I managed to clear out our combat sites and the three radar sites we had acquired. This netted us 32 melted nanos. Not too shabby. 192 mil at todays prices.

Today's scanning yielded no new sites, and two comat sites. So we are down to a Ladar site I accidentally warped to yesterday, and two mag sites. I'd say this hole is about bottomed out. This is, of course, the time I start looking for a "vacation" hole to spend some time in til this one builds back up. I am trying to resist the urge, but with nothing to do but stare at the blackness of space and hope someone scans in so i can attempt to kill them, the mind wanders....

And mine wandered onto our Static C3 connection. So I warped over to it with our entire combat fleet, including two carriers, an Onerios, Ishtar, Damnation, and two Legions, and took a peek inside.

I found a fairly large fleet of ships, some of which were running combat sites. I'm definitely not up to attempting to gank combat ships with just me at the controls, so I got two Orcas, and cycled the hole. Another C3, this one with a Gila running sites. I pooped some combat probes at an outer planet, got ready to jump with a couple ships, and off he ran. He warped back and forth a couple times, no idea if he actually saw my probes or he was warping out and back from the DPS at his combat site. Oh well.

Cycled to another system. Found a POS with no ships on scan and no activity for 16 hours. I started researching the C3 combat sites. We haven't attempted ones with any of the sentry guns in them yet, not to mention these hold ships that scram, so I disregarded those. That left me with a single combat site. Argh. Not worth screwing up the mass on the WH with combat ships, I'll cycle to another.

And the damn hole didn't close. It went critical with over 2 bil mass through. It must have been a +10% mass one. So I pondered what to do. The C3 had a static hi sec, so if I jumped through and it closed, I could escape back to high sec without losing the ship or my pod. Although mental note, I should really put a probe launcher on a battleship for this. *foreshadowing*

I grabbed our Apoc, the lowest mass BS we had, and jumped through. Of course it closed, but you already knew that, didn't you? So I warped on over to the hi sec I had already scanned out.( Hey, look, I do learn from my mistakes!)

I had Gnicklas open our B274 and.....33 jumps?!

That wouldn't do, out came the Orcas, next B274......12 jumps behind low sec??! Really, which CCP dev was screwing with me.

Third times a charm. 24 jumps, and seven from Jita. Alright, I guess that'll do. 24 jumps later I was home, and done with that adventure for the day.

On to othe things. I am down to just Cap Drone Bays remaining before the Archon can starting building! I should double check before we lose this wormhole if I have enough minerals!

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