Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, my internet has been sketchy of late, going down multiple times an hour, sometimes more. So I haven't been able to play Eve much. I scan everyday, and today I got a 3rd wormhole, and then jumps appeared on DOTLAN, so I jumped in and found out I had a nullsec connection.

750 mil mass capacity, so one orca back and forth and it was at half. So I "should" have had some to play with, and didn't assume anyone had jumped a battleship through, so I grabbed our Hyperion and jumped through, figuring 106 mil mass and back would crit it.

And it closed behind me, stranding me 32 jumps from the nearest high sec location in Wicked Creek.

Well shit.

Did I mention I did this with Firt, the only character with a 200+ mil mining foreman implant in his head?

Double shit.

So I did the only thing I could do. Start warping.

I made it through the only blockade that was set up, almost killed one of the ships, until I was one jump before low sec. And ran into a nastier blockade with a Dramiel, Machariel and a Vagabond. 40 km off the gate, tried to MWD to the gate, but was webbed, so threw the drones out and waited for my pod. Managed to get away, with the Vaga chasing, warped a couple planets, ran into another warp disruptor....and lost internet.


Came back up, I was warping, bookmarked a spot, ended up back in the disruption field. Slow boated out in my pod, warped to my bookmark and logged off.

Hopefully they won't be there when I log in later.

As always, lessons in wormholes are expensive.

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  1. Update: Looks like the gang got ran off finally, but all the warp bubbles are still there, so my pod had to bounce around a couple bookmarks and cargo containers to get a final warp to on the stargate, but Firt is back in high sec! *whew*