Monday, May 16, 2011

Leaving The Caretakers

I spent the better part of the past couple of days arming my new Large Amarr Control Tower with 20 ECM batteries, energy neut batteries, warp disruptors, etc etc. I think I have a total of eight guns online, small beam, small pulse, small arty, medium pulse, etc etc. I've got my scanning/industrial caretaker alt in system and have just loaded another week or so of fuel into a corp array. I'm ready to head home.

In the next week or so the plan is to train up a number of PI/industry alts to head into this wormhole and actively PI. Depending on how much time I find myself with will decide wether I'm going to go for P4 products, or do full on production of PI end products like POSes and such.

Had an interesting run in with a Russian in a Heron. I sent the Devoter home earlier today, and my Anathema was the only ship with any combat modules on it. I have it fitted to catch other Cov Ops ships, warp scrambler, web, target disruptor, and a Rocket Launcher 2. Unfortunately, my corpmate Gnicklas also uses this ship, and he has much better missile skills than I do.

The Russian came in, warped off, and proceeded to start scanning. I hopped around looking for him, then dropped some combat probes at the outer planet, out of DSCAN range. Very quickly had the planet range, so got a hit very fast and brought the probes in and pounced on him. Uncloaked in transit, had all my modules up and running.

Except my missiles weren't shooting. What do you mean I don't have the skills for those.....oh. There were T2 missiles loaded in the launcher that I couldn't use.

So I told the Russian he should probably leave now. He of course responded in russian, so I google translated. He got the point when I told him to leave in Russian. I unpointed him, he warped to the WH and sat there.

Я смотрю вы I said.

And then he jumped out.

No huge combat fleet came in, and he left local quickly. I'm now on my way back to our C2 with the cov ops and the orca I brought with. Can't wait to do some scanning, the static has been closed for days, so we'll see if anything spawned.


  1. Interesting, still pilot at fault for not checking the guns had the right ammo :P

    We've not been in our C2 for a couple of days, my corp mate returned today to find 5 drakes and an interdictor doing our sites. :(

  2. Yep, one of those lessons for the future.

    That's a bit excessive for a C2. :P

  3. Good flying with you yesterday mate. Hope to see you on soon. - JK