Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well after helping defeat a large Starbridge force in an allied wormhole, Talocan United has been wardecced by Cosa Nostra, what I hear is the high sec griefing arm of Starbridge. So I took the early warning, fueled up both wormholes with a month of fuel, and prepared to weather the assault in our home wormhole.

Being a wormhole based corp, I expect the war to pass us by without much to get excited about. We've mined out the majority of our existing grav sites, and have a large stock of ore to compress soon. We also took the time to analyze our profit potential for our PI planets, and have been banging away on keeping the planets churning out materials. We're still focusing on Cryoprotectant and Biotech Reports, Biocells, and the full run of POS fuels. We were also looking to start trying to produce Nanite Repair Paste, but our system doesn't contain the Biomass needed, so we may have to truck those in. We'll start experimenting, and I expect I'll see what I can do with it soon.

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet. We had some Rooks and Kings in here the other day, snooping about. We've kept on top of all our combat related sites, so they had nothing to bait us out with, so they resorted to uncloaked at the POS to try to coax those online outside the shield. Since only two of us were on at the time, and I was not one of them, everyone stayed safe and no one exploded. And other than a C6 connection, we've had little traffic to either kill or close. I did find our B274 had moved today, so that was a little odd......

And is there really anything worth any actual isk inside radar and mag sites, other than Caldari Decryptors? I still haven't seen a Talocan Derelict in over a year now, so all the money appears to be in the form of nanos from the wrecks. I've had very limited success with the respawn at downtime trick, so I've been leaving mag sites to try to spawn new waves, and hacking radars to try to get caldari decryptors. I ean, seriously, are they ever going to fix the other T3 ships so any other race's T3 salvage will be worth anything???

We've had a ton of ladars spawning, so maybe I'll have to actually try to react them again....argh what a PITA.

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