Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Consistancy and I'm a Bad Bomber Pilot

After watching another week of terrible combat spawns, we're up to four, and after both talking with other alliance corp members as well as someone else actually posting on our alliance boards, we can safely say something is not quite right with combat anomaly spawns.

I spent today sitting in my Purifier after seeing jumps on DOTLAN. I scanned it down, headed on through and found two Helioses jumping back and forth. That stopped when my Devoter arrived on our wormhole side. I tried numerous times to catch both of them, but to no avail. I find I have much to learn about cloaky ship combat.

So, deciding I wasn't going to catch the cov ops ships, I called in both Orcas and started closing the hole, with my Purifier sitting on the hostile side of our exit. I was speaking with a member of the corp we share our other C2 with, and managed to close the hole before I hopped the Purifier back through! Whoops!

Thankfully my SB fit comes standard with a Core Probe Launcher. I watched DSCAN for a bit, seeing both Helioses had their probes out and were looking again, so I figured they had better scanning equipment, I bet where-ever they cluster is where the new D382, C2 static is, since this WH was a low sec static. Lo and behold I scanned it down and was sitting off of it before one of the Helios ever found it.

While I was sitting cloaked about 10km off of it, I heard it activate, and a Helios appeared. I excitedly clicked my Warp Disruptor and MWD as I hit approach, but strangely, targetting did not work. Hmm I said as it warped off. Guess it would help had I actually decloaked. Rats.

After heading through to the next hole, I found yet another C2 with static low sec, so again scanned down the next WH and after another narrow miss at a Helios again, finally found a C2 with high sec static.

And it contained SEVEN grav sites.


I know there aren't a ton of people who move into WHs to mine, but do everyone a favor and despawn your gravs if you're not using them! It'll help you from scanning them down, and it'll help those in your constellation who actually do mine.

So after a few hours of screwing around, I made it back home and closed all my doors. Not an entirely exciting set of events, but hopefully I learned a number of things from them that I didn't have to pay for.

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