Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Posts In One Day!?

It's Christmas, right?

I found a little bit of time to login and check what was going on it Eve, and hitting DSCAN...sleeper wrecks? Drakes named after their pilots? What the.....

Re-checking DSCAN, not only were a bunch of our battleships floating in the POS shield, an afk alliance Loki pilot was sitting inside as well. I double checked, no, none of other corp we shared the wormhole was on. I hopped the Anathema and logged in both the Devoter and Dominix, which was, in hindsight, probably a bad idea for two more ships to appear on their scan, but this didn't seem to matter to them at all!

Hmm, a couple more geniuses, or maybe bait ships. I seem to be assuming everything stupid I see lately as bait, which is still probably a good idea. It was easy to quickly check these guys and find out they were in a 5 man corp, unless, of course, their ships were named after some newbie corp. Alas, my mind overshot what they truly were by leaps and bounds.

I jumped on Teamspeak and told the alliance there were people running sites in the hole, and I had an immediate fleet both in-system and pilots on the way to assist. Still these, quality individuals, continued to run the site they were at.

I soon figured out why, as I tooled through all the combat anoms, they must be in a mag or radar site. About that time an Anathema named after it's pilot dropped some probes, then both an Imicus and a Manticore both named X dropped more probes. It appeared they had other people searching for them as well, and they had also figured out they may be in a site they needed to scan down. Still no real reaction from the site runners.

As the fleet grew in number, one of the Drakes dropped off scan, while the other was found circling the B274 high sec connection. Both me and a pilot flying our Purifier watched as he lazily circled about. Then the Imicus uncloaked, and was not fired on.


The second Drake then appeared at the hole, he may have been Proto cloaked, I wasn't sure, and then both Drakes warped off, the Imicus jumping into high sec, right into arriving alliance pilots who jumped in system. If the Imicus was warning the Drakes, we couldn't tell. They went about their business, with four Core Scanner probes from someone not in the alliance attempting to find their site.....which would take forever to find a radar or mag with four probes.

So the entire fleet settled on top of the B274, Devoter threw up the bubble and we waited. And sure enough, the Drakes warped straight to the hole, actually one at a time. They were annihilated in turn. Both pods turned to goo. Their Anathema snuck out, as well as two stealth bombers belonging to Red vs Blue, who were probably stalking them as well.

With hopes that a RvB fleet was on it's way, the FC said the hole owner, me, could have the loot. Upon opening one of the wrecks, I found four Caldari Navy Heavy Missile Launchers. Sweet, that'll pay for the four Large Mobile Warp Disruptor IIs the Small POS owners managed to down.

Who runs sites like that, in a ship fitted like that? Chalk up another lesson in Eve basic common sense for the day.

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