Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Explosions and OH NO! But Not Really.

I logged on today and busied myself with some mundane Eve business and started some scanning during breakfast.

When an Imicus and a Merlin appeared on scan. What the hell do they think they're doing here? Another round of bait thoughts ran through my head as the Imicus dropped some probes.

Hmm. Well I can't let them just have at it. So I hopped in my Anathema and went looking for them. After some retardedness on my part, which a bit continued, I got a warpin and switched to the Purifier for some reason, and warped over with the Devoter and a Domi in tow. I landed, got the point on the Imicus and proceeded to blow it away. The Merlin thought about trading blows, but as soon as the bubble on the Devoter came up, he headed away as fast as he could, and I lost the long point I had with the Devoter. Oh well. The pod exploded as the Merlin headed out the high sec entrance.

Well crap, I didn't know the B274 was open.

So I got a couple guys in Orcas and went about closing it. After checking the high sec side to make sure no one was there, I sat cloaked on our side and proceeded to have the Orcas warp to the hole.

I jumped both Orcas outside when I noticed a ship uncloaking near the wormhole. A russian Loki appeared. Ah crap.

So now both Orcas were outside with a hostile Loki sitting here. I didn't have enough DPS ships that I cared to run solo to run him off, and our allies in the hole had a Pilgrim alongside me watching, so we pondered what to do. While we did that he warped away.

So he's a cloaky Loki, so slightly less DPS output, I could grab my PvP Legion, the Devoter, and the neut Domi....hmmm....

While I thought it over, my ally at the hole reported that the Loki had jumped back and went through the hole to high sec.

Interesting. I already had warped both Orcas to a near station. Four minutes and this hole could be closed. I decided to jump my Purifier out and see where he had gone. He was nowhere to be seen, and there was no Loki on scan. So maybe he's cloaked. Well let's test that.

So I decided that both Orcas jumping in should be enough to tempt him to either uncloak or jump back inside if he were here, and my Orcas would be able to jump right back out, leaving a final jump home for each of them to close the hole.

So the Orcas arrived and I jumped them inside. No Loki uncloaked or followed. Interesting. I jumped the Orcas back outside and cloaked them in high sec.

As the time ticked down til they could rejump, I noticed russian named scan probes...had the Loki forgotten to BM the hole? One minute remained on the polarization timers.

20 seconds.

8 seconds.


all three ships made it back through and the B274 collapsed behind us, trapping our russian Loki friend outside. Now to figure out where he came from.

As the Orcas returned home, I scanned the system, and sure enough, found a K162 leading to a Class 4. I jumped through and found a single POS with a Moros and a Chimera on scan. The wormhole was an N766, so a 2 bil mass limit. Hopefully I can get this closed before any of the russian's friends come to avenge his stranding in high sec.

After checking the wormhole's limitations on Unknown Eve's tool, I neglected to check the info on the wormhole itself. There were very few jumps on DOTLAN so surely no one had come through this hole, and I hadn't seen it when I was scanning earlier.....but I forgot I hadn't actually completed my scan.

So I stayed inside the C4 with my Purifier and warped both the Orcas over to begin closing the hole. Only one made it through the hole before it closed behind it, stranding us inside the C4.


Wow, this could be bad. But, seeing as I have always planned for this eventuality, I was in a Purifier with a scan probe launcher, and the Orca ship array contained a T1 scanning ship as well. So I cloaked the Orca up and went to scanning.

The C4 had a beautiful C2 static, so it was only a matter of time, at worst a couple days, before I would get out to somewhere in empire space. But, as luck had it, the first C2 had a low sec and C2 static, and the next C2 had a high sec entrance, which I slipped out of and found myself 31 jumps from my wormhole. Oh well, lesson hopefully learned.

Except I've done this before. Thankfully this time it didn't cost me anything except the time spent in scanning down the exits.

31 jumps later and my ships were home. So, the lesson for the blog today is?


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