Friday, October 28, 2011

Moving On!

So when your comments start just reading like the eve online forums, it's time to end the discussion. We've moved on.

All losses have already been replaced. Apparently we had enough "hideous isk" from "being terrible at wormholes" lying around to take care of everything. Slight haha he he. Oh yeah, and we learned some stuff too.

I used both Orcas to start closing our high sec connection when a Buzzard jumped through and spewed probes out before cloaking. I happened to be sitting in a stealh bomber and noted he was too far away from the wormhole to jump back out, so I toodled on over and gave him a bump.

Then I shot him with torpedoes.

I managed to get him deep into armor before he made it back, but in all the burning for the hole, he left his russian named sisters probes sitting in space.

I hopped outside to check to see who was there, and found the pilot outside. He threw up a gf, and I saluted him. I got eyes on the inside wormhole and resumed my Orca jumps when a Tengu from his corp uncloaked inside our C2 as an Orca landed.

So the Orca jumped out and headed to the station to see what else would appear. Another corpmate of theirs jumping into the system with a Hurricane. After checking their killboard *INSERT LEARNED LESSON HERE* I found both large null sec roams and smaller wormhole roams with his corpmates. Since both had far too many ships for me to guard against, the aforementioned wormhole closing operation was over for the time being.

As has been mentioned before, some people have a serious ability to do nothing for hours on end for a stupid killmail, so a few hours later and no activity from our holes, I resumed closing the holes with my new warp stabbed orcas. To quote Mr Duncan, the warp stabs are permanently welded into the lows. Along with that, they contain some additional upgrades incorporating, yet again, lessons learned previously.

The corp has stepped up their PI production in the face of both these losses and the insane price inflation of POS fuels, which we are set up to produce in large quantities. Prepare the isk faucet, I'm gonna make it rain up in hea. Alright, seriously, why are the prices so high? I saw the Goonswarm attempt at controlling Gallente ice, and some sort of market manipulation attempt, but this is kind of ridiculous. But I'll profit from it, either way.

It's nice to be home.

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