Friday, November 4, 2011

POS Fuel and Why Is The POS Red Boxing Me?

So not a heck of alot going on of note here lately. Well, except that our own POS has shot down four of our ships. No, it's not set on aggression, and I even doubt if the haulers it shot were armed.

First up was one of the new Tengus we replaced, the pilot warped into one of our bubbles, and the POS decided to blow him to smithereens. Like a fly caught in a web. Petitioned, reimbursed.

Last night, I was flying an Abaddon back to the POS when I warped to a spot 220km off the POS in preparation for warping up to it. I started aligning there for too long, distracted, when I noticed it had decided it didn't like me. I was neuted, and it slowly took down the well plated BS. I was going to remote rep it with one of our Logi ships, but decided the POS would take that badly and blow it away as well.

So I ejected to see if it would still kill the battleship, which it did immediately without my skills. Why do POSes shoot un-piloted ships? So I warped up and grabbed a Noctis, thinking I could salvage and get out before it targetted me. Almost immediately the small arty batteries locked and began firing, and the Noctis went poof.

Alright, so no more of that. A bit later, a corpmate was running PI, and got his Mammoth stuck in a bubble as well. Normally we don't ever do this but once in a great while, but we don't have the same setup in our other C2, so we forget when we come back from an extended stay there. The POS blew him apart, and only a warp stab remained from the wreck.

More petitions, we'll see how these go. I checked and re-checked the settings, they're only on "Attack if standing lower than 10.0". Oh well.

But POS Fuels! I hope everyone else is making a killing on these like we are. We've ramped up robotics production and kept all the other fuels flowing. We've probably made 2 bil in the last week alone. The coffers are well replenished. What Eve taketh away, it can give back.

Course, we could lose it all tomorrow, but that's Eve for you.

Got a bunch of stuff to do today, so we'll keep this one short. Fly safe! o/

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