Sunday, November 20, 2011


Not too much of note has been going on, of late. Mostly we've been plugging away at PI, we've cleared through probably 6 bil in POS fuels in the last month or so. Hopefully the prices will stay where they are at, and I forsee them doing so til the new POS pellets blow over, and then maybe they'll return down to near before inflation prices.

We've finally moved out of our second Class 2 wormhole. We've had some nice grav spawns in our main C2, but they've been de-spawning mysteriously. We saw a russian Anathema in-system a week or so ago, but today I found out three ladars have gone missing, meaning someone de-spawned them no less than three days ago. And our last grav de-spawned a day early. So it appears we have someone screwing with our sites. I understand a scorched earth policy, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Today also marked a strange occurance, we spawned a NO62 wormhole exit. This is a Class 5 connection, with a 3 bil mass limit. This is the first time I've ever seen this hole in our Class 2, and we've lived here for over a year now. So I popped through, found two Revelations, a Chimera, and a Thanatos on scan, but no one moving about, so I called in the Orca crew. 8 minutes later and the hole went critical. I decided not to screw with it further, as the C5 had a C4 static. The critical hole will keep for now.

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