Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Flame Wars Have Begun, They Have

So as we all know, Crucible came out yesterday. And I'm sitting here running numbers on these Interbus Customs Offices, and I'm pretty appalled. According to the screen, it's a 17% tax, and from what I'm reading on the forums, that's on market value of what you're moving. So as someone who normally has extraction and separate production planets, we're going to be taxed 34% of the item's market value before it even can become the final item....or, god help you, if you need to move it to yet another planet for P3-P4 production......yeah, that was me you heard screaming in anguish.

So PI is about to skyrocket in price. This is both a good and bad thing. Good for those of us who can replace these terrible Customs Offices with our own and get rid of this ridiculous tax, bad for those stuck in high sec who I hear are paying a 10% tax, which is still fairly heinous. So the prices raise to compensate. But wait? What's this? The tax is raising based on market prices? So you can never keep up. And high sec, and probably low sec, PI producers are going to be run out of business either by inflating prices on the tax end, or the competition who doesn't have to pay these taxes in null areas who can undercut them by leaps and bounds.

I thought CCP employed an economics expert?

So after only a single day of watching it cost me 4 mil just to move my robotics offplanet, I decided I needed to get moving on these damn offices. I bought 10 BPCs from a gentleman who was taking pre-orders, so they're already sitting in Jita waiting for me. And after doing a bit of math, it's going to cost near 100 mil per office I need to put up. So I have an extra PI character I haven't gotten around to putting anything down on, so I'm going to tool him up some planets to produce all the P3 and P4 products I can't either already produce or can't buy for decent prices. I also put some buy orders up for P4s, but the .001 isk pirates are having at them, and I don't have the patience to play that game anymore.

Short term plan: buy P2 products my wormhole does not produce. Set up chain for production of these P2-P3s, then all eight of the P4s. I want a production line ready in case someone does manage to kill one of our customs offices.

I also just contracted a freighter run worth near 1 bil to Jita, but I think I'm going to sit on it for now and see where prices go while we're not hurting for isk.

EDIT: While looking at Dotlan and seeing no jumps, but finding an extra wormhole, I assumed either jumps hadn't shown up yet, or the extra WH was an outbound. Then, while screwing around with PI on Eve-eye, I found this underneath where it counts jumps.

Jumps have been removed from API and are unavailable
for wormhole space after CRUCIBLE expansion

How did I miss that in the patch notes?

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