Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Updated PI Chain

Well I finally decided during the last week before the craziness, that I was going to actually check the numbers on Wetware Mainframes because they just didn't "feel" right.

And I was right. After doing the numbers, I concluded we were losing money by turning all of it into P4 Wetware Mainframes. And then I found EVE Tools which did all the work for me and told me I was right. Seems like everything EXCEPT the Wetwares in the chain was profitable, just not them. Go figure.

So I cut the head off the top of the chain, and am busy making Cryoprotectant, Biotech Reports, and Supercomputers, since we were completely tooled up to do these things anyway.

So I should see a serious marked improvement on PI profits next time we hit Jita. And it looks like they will, again, make up most of our profits, as nanoribbons have been few and far between of late. Looks like we've got a dry spell.

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