Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wierd Goings On

Well the past couple of days have been eventful, to say the least. I'll start off with our new PI numbers. I managed to get our current items out to Jita, the load consisted of 80 Wetware Mainframes, which was a couple days work and turned out to be worth 74 million isk. I also took out our 31 melted nanos and assorted sleeper loot. We haven't had very many grav site spawns lately, with only an Isolated Core Deposit being in our home right now, and we just can't seem to get to it.

I am pretty happy with the PI isk returns so far. Is it really more profit effective to just do P2s on all our characters instead of turning them into P4s? Does the new depletion system mitigate the ability to just turn out huge numbers of, say, precious metals? Honestly I don't know, and don't want to focus on the numbers. Another item that influenced my decision to go with P4s is the lowering of amounts that the buy orders took in for Precious Metals. Sure, this could have been a hiccup at the time I was doing some of the research, but when we began dumping larger numbers of excess POS fuel on the market, I actually saw an effect just from us, so hopefully doing P4s is going to mitigate those things.

Surely that's not all that's gone on! And you'd be right.

Yesterday I and Soulofchaos opened our static C3 and found a pristine C3 with no inhabidants. There were only 8 combat sites, so we decided to hit all of them. During this excursion, the Eve servers were experiencing huge issues with the DDOS attacks, and were acting quite squirelly. After completing two sites, I saw an Orca on scan and we started looking around for it since we knew there were no POSes in system. We actually found it at the wormhole leading to our home system.....wait what?

We were in scan range of the wormhole, never saw any scan probes, and the hole had only been open for 30 minutes or so. How did this guy get a bookmark for our hole? Things got stranger as we fired up the lasers. As the ship got into hull, I called a halt to our shooting and tried to communicate with the pilot. We didn't have any warp disruptors on any of our ships, so I had been using the Damnation with it's MWD to continuously bump the ship off it's warp out. Apparently I was not vigilant enough and it got away.

I headed back home and swapped out to the Anathema, which I have fitted with warp scrambler, webber and a single laser so it can catch other cov-ops ships, and combat probed the Orca down. We found him sitting at what appeared to be a former WH bookmark he had kept as a safe spot. Who was this guy? So we lit him up again, this time destroying the Orca and popping the pod. As soon as I moved in to peer into the wreck, the wreck and corpse disappeared and the Orca rebuilt itself and floated in space. It proved invulnerable, and unboardable. Again, this was coinciding with the attacks on the servers, and windows started no longer updating and many things went wrong with the game, so I'm sure this was part of that.

We gave up on the Orca and headed to bed.

This afternoon, we headed back in to the C3 to look around, and lo and behold the Orca was back. I quickly tried to find him without combat probes, and then an Anathema appeared. At first I thought it was some sort of server echo of my own ship, but it was named in the same fashion as his Orca, named to look as a planet on a quick observation. Both ships then disappeared and the Orca pilot logged out.


I and Soul decided to get back to running the combat sites again, and I noted we had four hours remaining on the EoL wormhole home. As we warped around, the Orca appeared on scan AGAIN, and the nthe Anathema. However, no probes ever appeared. After another fruitless search, the ships disappered. I scanned down a C3 connection and the high sec, but he was nowhere to be seen. And then Soul informed me our way home had collapsed. That's odd. So we spent the next hour or so opening our high sec connection and heading home.

Later that evening, we decided to open our static C3 yet again, this time finding an inhabited system, with one large Amarr and a Small Gallente POS. The Amarr tower had ships floating in it but the Gallente tower was offline.

And it was Russian.

We got together a combat fleet and decided to take out the Ruskie POS. Suffice to say it turned out to be a learning experience for all of us involved, as both Freethinker and Jared Knight logged in to help shoot at it. Every now and then the neighbors would log in a single ship, once a Cheetah, the second time a Legion, and look to see what we were up to. Since we weren't attacking them, they left our fleet well enough alone. Two hours later the POS exploded and we helped ourselved to the few guns that were still there.

So we've got a new kill on the board, the Russian Spartans are down a POS they probably had already written off, but I'll rest well knowing there's a nice burned piece of metal with a red star on it floating out there now.

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