Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Visitor

We had an interesting day yesterday, full of wormhole closings, a few unexplainable jumps, and a C2 with a Russian medium POS with only six guns. The system had 17 combat sites in it and no activity on the NPC side of things. It appeared someone had jumped into this system, then out to ours through their static. So we managed to battle through about 10 of the sites, think hard about attacking the POS for fun, and decided to head home and to bed.

So today, we had more unexplained jumps. With the recent borking of scanning and bookmarks, scanning the wormhole and everything is a complete PITA. So I opened both statics and closed them. With that, we were ready to get going on our last grav site, a Ordinary Perimeter Deposit. Shortly after starting it, I had to head out, and the guys kept at it. I returned an hour later, saying hi....and asking who's Anathema that was on DSCAN? It wasn't one of ours, and most likely was the culprit for all the unexplained jumps, as the system was closed. All the miners jumped into combat ships and we scoured the system looking for the cloaker, and I decided to attempt to re-close the wormholes, just in case.

Both appeared to have not been warped to, so we tried to close them, only succeeding in critting BOTH of them. Damn +10% mass crap. And then the Anathema logged in again. We had ships at both statics, and I was in our Anathema scanning. I verified no other wormholes, but he disappeared before I could get the combat probes on him.

He made appearances three or four more times, only appeared for a moment, but never dropping any probes. His ship name was Cosmic Anomaly, with a symbol before the name. I scanned down all our ships and anomalies and waited for him to appear back into my combat probes. But he never did.

My theory is that he was only logging in, checking DSCAN, and logging immediately off. It looks like he had ample time to get out of the wormhole earlier today when we all weren't on, but didn't take the chance. So could he be casing us? Checking the times we're logged in to see what we're logged in on? /sigh Oh well, it's wormhole space, I'm supposed to be super paranoid.

I guess we'll find out if we're attacked. I just fit the Archon for remote repping, all the guns and ECM I can squeeze out of the power grid are online, which is quite a few. We'll pay close attention for awhile and see if our statics are disappearing.

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