Monday, June 13, 2011

Planetary Interaction Take Two

It looks like I'm getting about 20 Wetware Mainframes a day, so I'll be replacing a couple Barren planets over to Wetware Mainframe production as I can sustain the PI input to them. If I could get up to 50 a day I'd be extremely happy with around 50 mil a day passive income!

Ran 11 combat sites yesterday with both Legions supported by nine Firbolg fighters. Everything dies pretty quick to that amount of firepower. I salvaged 19 nanos from it all, so that's not bad. I shoot for 2 a site, so I was pretty much on target for my expectations. Less and I'mm annoyed at the RNG gods. :P

Plan on running our two radar sites today. It's been AGES, probably near a year, since we've seen a Talocan ship. Here's hoping I get one.

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