Friday, June 10, 2011

PI Production and Corp Letters

I've been pretty busy with setting up PI in our new C3, only doing P2 products of all types for now in preparation for more serious production down the road. I've also set up a Wetware Mainframe supply chain in our C2, having it running now. Logistics are fun!

I made a Jita run today, to both sell and pick up the last needed mexallon needed for our Revelation and POS fuel. I sent out the following corp mail to our members to keep them apprised of what's going on.

I made a Jita run today, and for the first time PI products made up most of the sellable items! This was mostly, of course, due to our lack of grav sites and short time since our last Jita sell run, but normally PI products are only a slight blip on our ISK income.

I have begun PI production on Wetware Mainframes, with four produced so far. If for some reason, you are wondering which PI products to make to either make some decent ISK or to help out with corp production, I specifically need PROTIENS, BACTERIA, and BIOFUELS. This is due to us only having one Temperate planet, and most of my PI producers were set up to produce POS fuels. If you are looking to make quick cash or cash for the corp, precious metals are the best P2 product for straight sale. A large majority of the PI isk we just made was from precious metals.

If anyone wants to specifically help with Wetware Mainframe production, I am behind in Biotech Research Reports and Cryoprotectant Solution, thanks to Freethinker Zun pounding out Supercomputers. I currently only have a single planet with a single High Tech facility making the wetwares, and plan on bringing more online as we have the capacity to supply.

Jared Knight, please find the Nighthawk currently floating in the POS shield for you. There are Shield Gang Links in the Modules hangar. If anyone else wants to request a ship, please let me know, and I'll fit it in with our next Jita sale.

In other corp news, the capital components required for our Revelation are almost complete, and I should have production started on the ship by next week. In actual minerals i will have cost 1.273 bil. Actual isk cost to the corp was probably near 300-400 mil in trit, pyerite and mexallon. Also in production are a set of Fighters to go with the Archon carrier.

Next capital ship planned for is the Gallente Moros Dreadnought. That will most likely conclude our cap ship production for this hole for the forseeable future, as really any more than this is fairly insane!

Thanks for flying with Heretical Innovations!

Hopefully more time will materialize and we can get back to C3 raiding soon.

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