Friday, June 17, 2011

Sleeper Clearing Vengeance

After dragging through all the PI I could stand for one day, I and Soulofchaos opened up our C3 connection and found a sleepy system. According to DOTLAN at least. Warping around I found an Amarr Control Tower with a Buzzard and an industrial sitting inside the shield. It was undergunned for my tastes, with only 14 guns. Oh well, we're not equipped to go POS hunting. Yet. *insert evil laugh here*

So upon scanning for combat sites....ZERGOMGWTFBBQ!? Over 20 combat sites appeared on scan. What does this look like to any Mad Max Wormholer with decent ships and skills?


It was time to go Return to Thunderdome on these sites. I hopped in my two Legions, popped in a second medium repper and a faction thermic resist plating to close the hole, and with Soul flying his Tengu and a cloaky Noctis, we headed in.

Two hours later and over 300 NPCs killed, we flew home with 553 million isk in loot!

Boy are they going to be mad when they log in......

But you can't complain if you don't run your combat sites and someone swoops in and takes them. You weren't there to defend them.

Speaking of that, we seem to have ten combat sites of our own sitting here....

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