Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I woke up and checked my DOTLAN to find jumps yesterday. I headed out in my scanning Anathema and found it, a deadly unknown wormhole.

Hmmm. That's not good. I had 17 jumps. Probably using my hole as a transit point. My high sec was probably also open. Checking the other side found only a Buzzard and an industrial somewhere nearby. Well, time to log in the Orcas and get this sucker closed!

Got my two Orca pilots fleeted and jumped into my Pilgrim in case of trouble and headed back to the deadly connection. I cloaked and settled up 11k meters off the wormhole, near my optimal for disruptors and my neuts. I jumped both Orcas through.

Uh oh, it went to half. Hmmm.

Upon arriving on the other side, I saw a ship cloak quickly, too quick for me to see the ship type.

Double uh oh. I better log on some help. I boarded the Devoter and sent the Chimera and Thanatos to their out of shield bookmarks and assigned fighters to the Devoter. I also logged on my Oneiros pilot and prepared to warp her in 60k off my Pilgrim, also assigned with fighter support.

The Orcas both dropped cloak and three ships immediately dropped cloak along with them. I recloaked one Orca, as they both are fit with prototype cloaks, but the other was too close to the wormhole.

Facing me were two Nemesis' and a Hyperion battleship. Time to bring the Orcas home and hope they don't have multiple points on those ships, as both Orcas are double warp stabbed for just this such event.

I initiated warp on the Oneiros and had the Devoter sitting on the wormhole. I recently refit the Devoter for a maximum tank fit with dual reppers and an active armor tank. She also had no guns. So my firepower was going to consist of 15 fighters or the drones on the Pilgrim, and the modules on the Pilgrim. I was fit with multiple neuts and range disruptors, so the Hyperion wouldn't be too much of an issue for the Pilgrim, at least. It was the Devoter and the Orcas I had to worry about.

As the Orcas jumped through, I dropped cloak on my Pilgrim and aligned both carriers towards the fight just in case it went extremely badly. Right behind them came all three pulses of the enemy ships. No more. At least for now I knew what I was facing.

The enemies sat in cloak while I aligned both Orcas and obviously sized up the situation. Did I mention they were Russian? The wormhole had five russian POSes in it.

As one they dropped cloak and opened fire. The Hyperion started shooting at the Devoter, and he was fit with blasters. I immediately had all her tank turned on and orbited at 2k, going about 400m\s. I went ahead and hit the bubble, as I was prepared for a longer duration fight. Both Orcas are fitted with active shield tanks and can take a generous amount of damage, so I had both of those going.

Both stealth bombers launched bombs at the same Orca, and timed them quite well. They blew through all of the Orca's shields, so they must have been shooting torpedoes as well. I quickly turned on all the large armor reppers on the Oneiros and kept the Orca easily at full armor.

At the same time, I set all 10 fighters onto the Hyperion, decided to range and tracking speed disrupt, in case he switched targets, which at about that time, he did, to the Orca that had taken the most damage. I sent my five Acolyte 2s at one of the Nemesis', and it dropped into half armor and fled through the wormhole. The other flew back towards the wormhole, as it had flown out of range trying to keep on the Orcas.

All this time the Firbolgs and Dragonflys ate at the Hyperion's armor while my multiple neuts must have brought his cap lower and lower, until finally, realizing he wasn't going to crack the Orca, with his armor falling rapidly past 50%, the Hyperion and his Nemesis buddy, who was himself into hull, both faded back into the wormhole from whence they came.

Leaving me, two Orcas, and a swarm of buzzing fighters looking for targets.

Hmm, this wormhole had already lost a bunch of mass. I brought two more Orcas back and it didn't go crit. The chances are that they were heading for reinforcements. Doing the mental math on the wormhole, I decided it must have gone to half with the second Orca jump, meaning I should have enough mass left to put an Orca through and back one last time. If not, I and it's pilot were in trouble. This Orca had an Anathema in it, so if he did get stuck, the pilot could get away.


So I took down the bubble, sent the wounded Orca home and jumped the other one back into the fire.

Upon re-coalescing onto the enemy side, I at first found no one waiting. The wormhole had gone to critial mass, and one jump home remained for me. As I waited out the timer, I realized that the Hyperion could go back if it were here, stranding me on purpose, because it most likely already had my high sec bookmark!!!!

I kept clicking jump, and it counted down from 14 seconds. At about 7 seconds, an enemy fleet arrived and the Hyperion uncloaked about 5k away from my Orca. One of the Nemesis had returned, along with a Tengu, a Hound, a Broadsword, a Typhoon, and a Thanatos of their own!

Come on come come on come on come on ohshitohshitohshit!!!!!


With a huge sigh of relief, the wormhole spasmadically closed behind me, shutting in the face of the russian fleet that was ready to rip apart my insolent industrial command ship.

Orca Jesus strikes again!

I headed quickly over to the B274 and found that it looked untouched. Hmm. I'll close it just in case someone is outside and they decide to launch a vengeance fleet. :)

So that hole closed, and I decided it was time to take some stuff to Jita to sell. Hopping back into the scanner, I headed outside and found I was only six jumps from Jita!

I loaded up the Orcas with our PI, most of it Precious Metals, Cryoprotectant and Biotech Reports, along with some Melted nanos. The haul was about 446 mil. Of cours,e I had to immediately spent 100 mil on POS fuel, and added to the 200 mil I spent on POS fuel for the C3 POS, we were only net 100 mil.

But, it looks like our bill for fuel will be going down significanly. Jared Knight has an alt he is spending alot of time on ice mining with, and has contracted over 173k helium to the corp, which will save us over 100 mil in POS costs. Thanks Knight!

Oh, and the Revelation is finished.

Hehe. I took it out on it's maiden flight, visiting Freethinker while he was doing a combat site. This thing is HUGE. And it's easily one of the best looking Amarr ships. Now I just need to buy some giga lasers for it.......WHAT! 50 mil PER laser!?

*BPCs purchased*

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