Friday, July 8, 2011


*This is not to be interpreted as a general bitch against Eve, the time it takes to fully play the game, or the people in it! It is more indicative of the plethora of situations and people you can have and meet in Eve!*

Aaaahhh, so finally I can get down to the business of exploiting our wormhole like we should be doing.....maybe I'll just take a break and do something non Eve related for a couple days.....what is this? A text message from Soulofchaos. There's someone in our wormhole doing our sites. Well that's no bueno.

And so began a cat and mouse game that we had lost before it had started because I had put off getting onto Eve that day. You don't take a break from Eve, Eve takes a break from you!

So we saw a drake on scan, wrecks also. But no combat sites were coming up. The visitor was at one of our radar or mag sites. I threw out some combat probes and placed them on one of the two sites close to where the wrecks were, and presto! 100% hit, and off I warped the fleet!

And the fleet landed at the radar, with the drake already warping away. Curses, he must have saw the probes. I should have bubbled instead of tried to grab the target lock with the focus on the Devoter. Oh well, you learn from every experience.

Except for our visitor who decided to mouth off in local. Who was in a one man corp with no alliance. I guess that's probably why, so he can be an eve troll. But, as stated, he got away, and took our sleeper loot with him.

If I had scanned for the day, I could have knew which sig was the K162 he came from and could have bubbled it and got him. But, oh well, you can't play Eve all the time.

So, next day, we decided to take care of the few remaining radars that had been hanging around that "we were going to get to", and decided to try out the "if you clear it of sleepers and leave it through downtime, they will respawn". Well, 16 hours later, no respawn, just the site and cans are still there. Can I call the theory busted yet? No, will wait til 24 hours an dthen it'll be busted. Will let you know. Finished off the combats and called it a night.

Next day, SSDD. Took out the few combats we had with Freethinker, then Jared Knight got on and we decided it was time to do some mining. So we opened our Common Perimeter Deposit and found a 50k Crokite asteroid! Added to the 20k Crokite it normally spawned, we siphoned all the ABCs off this evening and earning an easy 350 mil. Can't wait to get that refined and out to sell. In the meantime, all of our precious metals have sold on sell orders in Jita for a good amount, which I should really keep better track of in the future.

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