Monday, July 18, 2011

Jita Run, Mag/Radar Sites, Pothole In The Superwormway

Well I'll start out with the last while it's fresh in the mind and finish with the first. I just got done throwing a roadblock in a C5 dwellers superwormway. I sat down to do some PI and what do I see? 32 jumps. I had both statics closed, so someone's connected to us.

I jumped on and saw a Mammoth on scan. Then an Impel, a Pilgrim, a Myrmidon and some pods. Yep, someone is using us for transit again. Normally I don't mind it, espicially since we didn't have much to defend as we'd done most of our sites, but I was in a mischievious mood, so I logged in dual Orcas, a Devoter, the Deimos, a Damnation, and a Tengu.

I quickly scanned down the offending new wormhole and watched to get a good count on any combat ships present. I saw the Mammoth and the Impel warp off, so I decided this was the time. The deadly K162 was at half, and I guessed it was probably more than that with 32 jumps. I flew back and jumped in my Pilgrim and got everyone underway from our Off Grid bookmark.

I'm going to guess that they saw us coming, because as soon as the Orca jumped through to their side, and the wormhole went crit, the Mammoth arrived back at th wormhole it had previously jumped out of, without time to have done anything. Obviously some sort of warning was had. I found out later there was an Anathema cloaked I hadn't seen, but I don't know where it was watching from, maybe at the POS.

The Mammoth came back through as I furiously stabbed at the JUMP button for the Orca. I was pretty sure the Mammoth wouldn't make the hole close, but you never can be sure, even with accurate ship counts. But with an activation I was back through, and the hole closed. I warped as quickly as possible to the B274 I had already scanned down, threw up the bubble and made a mistake. My Orca was in slow warp far behind the HIC, so the Devoter brought the Orca out of warp 11km from the hole. So it had to slow boat on over.

In the meantime, an Anathema jumped through. Rats. Oh well, cov ops are hard to catch when they're on the ball.

I finally jumped the Orca out and back....and the hole only crit. *sigh* So, leaving the fleet on the entrance, I hopped in a shuttle and headed over to the nearest trade hub, which happened to be Rens, and bought an Armageddon, brought it home, and closed the hole, which I'm now scanning for our new B274 so I can have the loc for tomorrow.

Today we ran two mag sites and one radar site. Awhile back I had spoken to someone who had mentioned that they got Talocan ships in their mag/radar sites all the time. So I had hopes with our plethora of sites to at least find one in over a year of looking.

Nope. Not a one. My dry spell continues. I spoke with Nick about it to make sure the damn things aren't another object on the overview, and he says they are just hacking cans, so I should see the bastards. Argh.

But, in relation to a previous experiment, I can report an affirmative on the respawn of radar sites you leave open through downtime. The last one we left never did spawn any new Sleepers. This one we left did. So we picked through the wreckage of an extra radar site, three combat sites, and two mag sites....for a grand total of 17 nanos. I was hoping for more, but I'll take it. We've had a large dry spell of late on those too.

So onto the Jita run. I dropped off all our nanos and Sleeper loot, along with tons of PI, and all thanks to a handy K162 straight to high sec that opened up five jumps from Jita. Couldn't have asked for better timing.

I also located our cache of research and development items, and sold most of them off, everything on sell orders this time except the Sleeper loot. I sold that straight to buy orders.

So far the grand total for the sell orders and loot is 1.2 bil. Of course I turned right around and spent a few hundred mil on our Jita list I keep all week from everyone, and headed back to run the above mentioned sites.

I also took the time to go looking around for our BPO library, as we're going to start getting re-involved in equipment production, but I could not locate them. They must be on one of Nick's alts. I'll have to look into that later.

So onward to finish off my scanning for the night, and maybe run that PI before I was interrupted!

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