Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Post In Which Very Little Is Accomplished

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks here in the ol hole, to say the least. After the whole ABC "removal from WH space" debacle post came up, our corp decided we needed to stockpile some isk, so we were going to put 10 bil in the corp wallet. To that end we mined and ran sites til we couldn't take the spod anymore and all the combat sites had disappeared.

So as we pondered what to do next, I realized our C3 had four gravimetric sites in it! A plan formed, in which we'd move eight Covetors over to it, along with four Orcas, and do a week or so mining vacation. That was supposed to happen last Monday, but, lo and behold, TWO grav sites spawned in one day in the C2. Well we couldn't leave those, now could we?

So more mining and a fast forward to today. We got our Mining Vacation plan items together and I scanned down the find a single grav site inside. Apparently over the course of the last week, numerous nullsec and higher class wormhole peoples had warped to them and despawned them. *serious tears* The alliance corp claimed "a third party came in and cleaned them out". Hope they got some kills on the huge amounts of mining ships it must have taken to "clean us out."

To top it off, the C3 needed fuel, and the high sec opened onto an island in low sec. This just couldn't get any better, could it? Oh! But it CAN! There's a Tengu on the high sec exit, and the best combat ship I have is either a Punisher or an Executioner, take your pick! I almost tried it just to see how long before I exploded, but common sense won out. Eventually he went away and 1 jump away there was some helium for huge amounts of isk, but I paid up.

Kids, learn the lesson here. Don't let your POS get down to one day's fuel and then wonder why that is the day the Eve gods deign your high sec will appear on an island.

So we are considering dropping the C3 altogether. The full PI is great, except I'm not doing anything with it except stockpiling P2, and I'm doing that rather infrequently. I would really need to be living in it to take advantage of all it has to offer. And while that is always an option, fighting everyday with nullseccers and C5-C6 corps running through is not my idea of fun.

So, very little accomplished there.

I and Freethinker had cleared all our combat sites earlier today, came up with 20 nanos for our trouble. Had 13 sites, so 20 isn't bad. Afterwards, he was looking to do something dangerous, so I said we could open up our static C3 and see what was in there.

Little did I know that it would lead me to a deadly game of hide and seek with a Goonswarm corp later on. But, back to the past.

We headed in and found a completely cleaned out system. Doh! However, on DSCAN we found a Small Minmatar POS. With no guns, no defenses of any sort. Wtf.

Warping over to it I found no arrays of any kind, only a Bestower and a Kestrel, both named for their pilots. Quickly checking their corp info revealed a corp of three members.

Really? A C3 and you're going to run a small POS AND only have three members?? I guess if it had worked up til then. Soulofchaos was on by then and we wanted some blood, or at least some sort of metallic tang, so we suited up in our POS bashing ships, and started shooting.

This was, to be honest, our first attempt at any sort of online POS. We had vague ideas of when it would go into reinforced, how long the stront may be on a small, etc etc, so it was a learning experience for all of us. So it was with surprise to us that it didn't go into reinforced at 50% shields, and we high fived that it must not have any stront and continued shooting.....until 25% ticked and *insert sci fi sound here* it went into reinforced for 1 day and five hours.


Oh well, maybe this will teach them to not run a small POS where every Tom, Dick, and Forgotten gang wandering by will take a shot at it just cause they're bored. One of the ship owners logged in and I sent a helpful email about it being in reinforced, to see if he would log into the POS and our cloakys could get a shot at him, but no dice. No return email and no login.

Double rats.

So, after all the excitement of the POS shoot, everyone else logged to head to dinner, and so did I. I returned later, and everyone else apparently found better things to do. :p

So I screwed around with PI, floated around while looking to replace our C3 with something that wasn't going to try to kill us in our sleep, when Sisters Probes appeared on scan.

Oh? What is this! I quickly hopped into my Battle Anathema and laid a single probe of the same type out, and ascertained he hadn't come from any new signature. Warping over to the C3, I sat for a bit and was rewarded with seeing another Anathema cloak up. He sat there uncloaked for a bit and I thought I might get into warp disruptor range, but alas, he disappeared. But no wormhole flicker. Hmmm.

No more probes appeared, I had Nyslia logged in and watching near our POS for any signs of him, but nothing. Maybe he logged off in the system, thinking our cap ships would make a tasty morsel for some Goonswarm fleet, mayhaps?

As I floated in my invisible vessel 10km off the wormhole, I noticed Duncan McCloud came on, so I started a conversation with him to see how him and the wormhole we sold him was doing. You may remember Zombieland. *sigh* Never should have sold that wormhole.....but he's doing fine! /wave Duncan!

We chatted for a bit a,d I decided to call it a night on the Goon, when the wormhole flickered. I caught sight of a disappeared ship and surely it must have been the Anathema?

So I dropped cloak and afterburned over and jumped. Now, mind you, at this point in time I'm flying a Battle Anathema, fitted with a Warp Disruptor, Web, Tracking Disruptors, and a single light laser. I'm supposed to kill other cov ops.

I shimmered into the C3 system to find a Tengu uncloaked almost directly on top of me!

Where the hell did he come from!?

I sat motionless, hoping I would make the timer to jump back home and away from this ridiculous match-up.

Off to the right, the Anathema uncloaked, and the two warped away, apparrently not noticing my second wormhole pulse. I decided, what the hell, I'll play some games with these two gents. I headed back home and hopped into the Pilgrim, waited out my timer, left Nyslia in the Devoter on the C2 side, and jumped back into the C3 with the reinforced POS.

There were probes on DSCAN, and I was certain they hadn't entered this hole from my hole, so they probably used the static low sec of this hole to enter. I warped to it, having previously bookmarked it, at 20km. Nearly 5km away from me was the Anathema, uncloaked and scanning.

Wait, where's the Tengu......this doesn't smell right. Maybe they did hear me come through. But that is a cov ops with a possible sisters probe attached sitting at least 15km off the wormhole and I threw caution to the wind and dropped my cloak.

I launched my light drones and kept trying for the after cloak lock....when the Tengu slithered out from behind his own cloak and started launching missiles at me! I knew it!

I finally boxed the cov ops and started neuting him to death while my drones started chewing on him, as I hoped to make the kill before I had to hop out. I had him near structure as I tried to get some sort of transversal on the Tengu, but it just wasn't working, and I dipped into 25% armor.

Recall drones and JUMP!

I appeared in low sec, not quite on fire, but just barely not. Oh crap, I'm 1200 away from the WH, I can't cloak. I punched Keep At Range and pulse by AB, praying to get cloaked before the Tengu came back through to finish me off. As soon as I cleared 2k, the wormhole pulsed and I cloaked....hey wait. I shut the cloak off and repeatadly pushed jump and came back into the wormhole.

To find an Anathema, also almost on fire, sitting on the hole. I moved 2k away and started targeting ,but he quickly jumped back out. I moved off the hole a safe distance and waited a bit. And waited. As I suspected, the Tengu had a hole timer for this hole left, or he just didn't want to bother trying to find a cloaky that had the lead on him.

I decided that was enough for the night, headed back to the POS, repped my ship up, and called it a night. Please excuse typos, it's late, and like five people asked when I was going to write some more! Hope you enjoyed. Maybe next time I will explode.

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