Friday, August 5, 2011

And We're Out of the Damned Place

We said goodbye to another wormhole today, as Heretical Innovations moved out of the wormhole known affectionately to it's former owners as "The Zoo". It proved too much for us and eve the PvP corp that moved in to help contain all the incursions into the system. In the end, they were too few, and we were, well, still miners.

So after having to run off a group of Hurricanes and Drakes, we packed everything up and headed on home.

So now I'm interested in finding a wormhole in our Region, o4. Better yet, I'd love to find a wormhole in our constellation, C30, but that it proving to be difficult. It won't be the C3 we hoped to be living in, but honestly, we don't run enough people to take care of it and our C2. So, to that end, we'll be on the lookout for another C2 that we are sure we can take care of.

And due to that we'll probably bring a few more people into the corp soon.

And honestly, why in the stupid hell are POS so hard to take down??/ Cmon, we don't need to be punished when we're putting it up AND down, do we?

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