Thursday, August 11, 2011

WTF? Seriously? Again? How Many Jumps!?

So we've been looking for a C2 that is within our region, or even better, in our constellation, to do some testing, as well as give us more grav sites to mine. We also wanted to give our alliance an option to place other corps inside it, since we did not want any neighbors in our home C2.

So, after a few days of looking, I happened upon a post of a guy selling a C2 w static C3, just like our home system. It had terrible PI, so I offered the guy 200 mil. His asking price was 1.5 bil. Ouch, well that wasn't going to fly, and the best he could do was 500, so I let him slip back into the pool of goo he came from. Next day, I find a post on his selling post that he isn't in control, so I contact the other person listed, and they want 1.5 bil too!

I negotiated it down to a reasonable 300 mil, and started filling my Orcas with all the loose POS gear I had lying around while the seller and their fleet scanned down the high sec. He indicated the system and I dropped into high sec and set destination.

43 jumps!?!?!

15 through lowsec???

That wouldn't do, and the seller already knew it, and jumped into action, finding a K162 inside to high sec. 26 jumps away. Ouch. And it's End of Life? Double ouch.

Okay, I got my fleet moving. I was 12 jumps away when he told me the wormhole had collapsed. *head smack*

Okay, the seller says, we're still looking. There's the C3 static. In go the scouts.

The C3 has a nullsec static.


*thrown desk chair*

The seller headed out into nullsec and said there was no one for three jumps in any direction! No, sorry, that's not an option with two Orcas loaded with about a bil in POS gear and fuel.

Not to worry, this seller had his stuff together. His scouts went out and started scanning the high sec island for WHs, and found a C2 with a connection to high sec.

22 jumps away.

So I get started moving that way, re-destinationing my fleet, which is, by now, spread halfway across New Eden.

I'm jumping, jumping jumpingjumping....

10 jumps away.

Oh, and the hole is now critical.


Alright, I'll bring in my cov ops and at least get one of us in there. So I arrived at the system, pick up the bookmarks.

I had to go high sec--> C2 -->High sec --> C2.

Yay, I'm in system.....and so are many other people, it seems. There are like four cov ops on scan. This does not look good. A gentleman from the high sec island is claiming to have sold the wormhole, so now it becomes a race to get a POS inside.

The seller uses a Falcon to get the hole closed, and the new one opens up.

22 jumps back in the direction I came from.




*cat hurled across room*

Alright, no biggie, let's get going. again. Jumping again. By this time I had probably jumped over 200 times with the multiple characters I had logged in. What's 60 more?

So many many jumps later, I arrive, and get the POS anchoring. I release the seller, with a good job done, and leave all the transports in high sec while the POS anchors. We leave our small combat fleet circling the WH side of the high sec static. I'm off cloaked in my Anathema. The WH flashes and an interdictor destroyer jumps in. He squirts off an interdiction sphere and jumps out.

WTF was that? We already had our bubble up. Field disappears.

It's dinnertime, so I need to get some stuff cooking, so I afk while the corp watches the hole.

A few minutes later I hear something from my headset as I'm walking by, so I plop find all hell has broken loose. There are ships with me yellow boxed, and as I put my headset on, they all turn to red.

"JUMP! JUMP OUT! JUMP!" they're yelling on Vent. I look down, my Devoter pilot is the last corp pilot on this side of the WH. My armor flashes red, I look down at my modules, slam both armor reppers on and hit jump.

WTF was that!?

Turns out, it was the interdictor's corp looking for kills. They had jumped through on the fleet with a Tempest fit with a full rack of neuts..and FIVE Tengus. JFC FIVE?

After some smacktalking local about how leet and uber they were, to the disappointment of the guy in local who thought he was selling to someone else, they jumped out the high sec.

We moved our fleet out of the system and took a break for dinner for everyone. We came back 30 minutes later and I found them on a locator agent, ten jumps away.


We warped the fleet over to the wormhole. Just as the final Orca was jumping through, the same fleet appeared in the high sec local and started talking more smack.

All they got was a single sentence before the wormhole popped in their faces.

Onlined the tower, got the shield up, and spent the next six hours onlining 40+ guns and ECM.

Hmm, I don't have as much ECM as I thought I did. Better open up the B274 and get some more.

I jump outside and check to see where I am by checking how far Jita is. Hmm, four jumps from Amarr....hey wait. Set Destination. omfg.

I am one jump from the system I started in that morning. Where my other C2's wormhole still is.

The things that happen in Eve sometimes are mind boggling. I ended up where I began this wild trip across the galaxy.

So I got a couple Impels and loaded them to the gills with more POS gear. And, lo and behold, I was ten jumps from where I'd dumped all the C3 POS gear, so I went and got that too. Now this POS was looking mean.

I had had a terribly long day, so I headed to bed, secure in the knowledge the POS was secure.

Unless the Russians invade.

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  1. Quite the story! Good job. :-) We'll see about getting some more corps into that hole to help you defend it.