Thursday, January 6, 2011


So we appear to have gotten rid of our unwelcome visitor, as no more of our statics have been opening by themselves. We had a guy is a shuttle come in to look around when we had the high sec open for a Jita run, and he forgot to bookmark the exit, so I spoke with him for awhile, and then he ran into our POS, which promptly vaporized his ship. He then asked us to finish him off, so I said yeah, I'll be right there. His reply was "Oh, someone else is here....ZZZZT!" Nick had logged on and fried his pod with the POS guns. Ouch.

We are now up to four grav sites, and I'll a little bewildered. If I'm not mistaken, some of our spawns have occured while the statics were open. So my theory may indeed not be valid. Or it might be valid to a certain percentage chance or something like that.

Huge news, we have the Rorqual in production! Nine days left! We also bought a Legion to play around with, and I've finally trained Med Pulse Spec, and how retarded is that damage difference from beams?

We're not doing too bad for a corp of four total players, two of which are really active. Someone who came calling in the wormhole awhile back paid us a compliment after seeing all our ships on his directional.

"Whoa! Too many ships. Where there's an Orca and that many ships, there's an organized corp who has their shit together. I'm leaving!"

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean, I was pretty sure we had 23 members?