Sunday, January 9, 2011

Attention on deck! Hulk Fleet Commandant arriving!

We organized a corp mining op yesterday. I love a well executed mining op. And then we went to the field. It's an Average Frontier Deposit. The worst of the worst. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be able to mine something....but. The site is about 300km long, and it's possible to warp between some of the roids. The roids are also very very small. The arkonor roids are 5k, there are three of them. But there are like 20 crokite roids, each only 2k. And we can't put the whole fleet on one roid, it disintegrates it in one cycle. So we have to split up based on who is controlling who. So Nick ran shotgun and hauling duties, Thomas ran his two hulks, and I ran the rest.

At first, it ran very clumsy. There ended up being a string of crokites across the whole field, the next always 30k away, so we'd slowboat it over just to get into 23km range and watch our poor drones trudge all the way there and back. Until we had an idea. At one of the ends of the field, we bookmarked a spot that let us warp to almost every roid on the grid from the spot. So we'd warp to a roid, mine it and everything within 23km around it, warp back to the spot, then pick another ABC roid and go down the list.

It also helped me a ton by assigning a hotkey to Drones:Return to Drone Bay. I've known it was possible all these years, but just never got around to assigning it. OMG! So much easier to control my fleet now.

We killed all the ABCs and started working on the next best ores, we've filled 2 mil worth of our new X-Large Ship Assembly Array. If you get a chance to use one of these just for storage, I highly reccomend it. 18 mil storage for the CPU and Powergrid it takes are a good deal. I can take down all these corp arrays now!

The Rorqual is ticking down, 6 days til it's done!

We had a grav site despawn this morning, not sure why. It's one of those wormhole "you'll never know why" things that adds mystery to the whole thing. Which of course makes me want to open all the grav sites and do the ABCs right now before something like this happens again. I don't get it, people say grav sites spawn "the most", but I've seen very little evidence of that. It's the ladars that "spawn like bunnies".

Oh well.

Very excited about the Rorqual. Can't wait to see what our actual mineral take is going to be like without having to lose anything to refining!!!

Forgotten Heathen out.

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