Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Class 2

Well, we went and bought a new wormhole the other day. A Class 2 wormhole with static high sec and static class 3 connection. Also included are a Chimera carrier, a Thanatos carrier, and a Rorqual industrial command ship. The price for all this awesomeness? 1.8 billion isk. Only 300 mil more than what we paid for this wormhole. Oh well. /sigh

The transaction went very smoothly, but then we discovered that the wormhole is very active. VERY active. We had two incoming K162s, and one of them poured out a string of what most likely were a corp making a run to high sec. Unfortunately, Nick got in their way and got ambushed by numerous of their members. We lost a Purifier and an Arazu, but no pods, thankfully.

Our Rorqual in our main C2 is finally finished, and we're waiting on the ability to run the Industrial Core. We also needed to acquire fighter sets for both carriers, and after looking at prices, I decided to purchase the means to build whatever we wanted. This included a Small Ship Assembly Array, BPCs, and minerals. All the fighters will be ready in fur more hours.

So, we've been spending our time emptying the remaining grav sites and storing it all in our two ship assembly arrays. We've got 8 mil m3 so far, one more grav site to go.

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