Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Experiment Continues

We've had someone who has been opening our statics lately, up til yesterday. I saw a drake named "Drake and Bake" on directional while I was scanning, but then he disappeared when I brought all the mining ships home. Disappeared as in logged off. Scanned everywhere, found no other wormholes, or deep safes. Next day I found 21 jumps on Dotlan, and found our B274 high sec static open and it had apparently had alot of visitors. But no combat sites were ran. We've got a couple Zealots, a Deimos, and a Moros that are visible on directional, so most people jump right back out. I sure would.

So I took the Orca and closed the high sec, the class 1 static was also open. Orca got stuck outside, so I decided to wait til the next day to see what happened with the statics and wether or not I caught our visitor outside. Apparently not, because there were jumps on Dotlan the next day, so I checked the B274, and sure enough it was already decaying. So I brought the Orca back in, critted the hole with it, managing to keep it inside this time. I had to run off a Thrasher destroyer with my Pilgrim, I guess he didn't check the hole's info to see it was critical, but he ran pretty fast while I was neuting him.

Past two days, so far no jumps. Over the couple days we had someone opening our statics, we may or may not have spawned a Ladar, it might have been from the previous days downtime. Other than combat sites, we got nothing. We lost a mag site I assume he warped to. And a damn grav site. I guess this guy is griefing us for some reason or other. But we got no substantial spawns while the statics were open.

The previous two downtimes, with the statics closed, we spawned multiple ladars and a radar. I've seen alot of evidence so far that leaving your statics closed has a large factor in wether or not you have significant spawns during the time they are closed.

Anyone else out there reaching any conclusions about wormhole spawn rate?

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  1. It could be bunnies..