Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Day

Well, I've been home sick for awhile now, had to actually go to the ER for the stomach flu. I was in so much stomach pain they gave me morphine for it, and it did absolutely nothing. Oh well, I needed the fluids.

So, that means I'm playing Eve. Yesterday I continued keeping my statics closed and ended up with a ladar to show for it. However, I did have a K162 probe in to us, so I scanned it down, and lo and behold we were 4 jumps from Jita! Thanks to whoever that was!

I took the opportunity (wow that's a terrible looking word!) to sell off the load of POS fuel I've been stocking up for just this eventuality. Took two Impels to carry it, worth over 400 mil. While in Jita, I was gazing at our Providence when I had an idea.

I decided to buy about 300 mil worth of pyerite, tritanium and mexallon, and trucked it the four jumps to where our wormhole entrance was. I then shuttled it all in via Impels and two max rigged Iteron Vs. Didn't take all that long and now I have alot of high sec minerals to work on my Rorqual with!

Took the Providence freighter back to Jita where it resides for just this sort of reason, and hopped back in. One jump in and out with the Orca and the hole closed.

So, the effect on my experiment of someone probing an exit in? One ladar site spawned. Alright, better than nothing spawning. But does that mean K162s don't count against the "wormhole open/nothing spawns/low spawns" theory? Or did I just happen to get one of the "once a week no matter what" spawns? Only time will tell.

I also took the time to log on my mining fleet consisting of seven Hulks, one Orca, and one Iteron V to take care of the Unexceptional grav site we had a "visitor" warp to and start. We had started it a few days back, but the server crash had reset it, so we got an extra 10k Arkonor out of the roid than we should have, which is sweet, but I wish the server had waited til a little later, say, after we had done ABCs, to crash!

This fleet took only an hour to reduce this site to floating Veldspar and a single Spodumain I plan on taking care of today.

Seriously though, nine accounts running on one computer is really all I can physically handle. Between moving ore, hitting D-Scan, and warping the Iteron back and forth from the can to the station, you have no time to even get a drink! It's nice to have actual humans to take care of some of that, a little less OMG OMG hurry up, efficiency!

I have to handle those four radars and the mag site today, they make me nervous not having them done, would hate for them to go into someone else's pockets.

Or I may take it easy and play something relaxing today. :)

Or maybe not.

Forgotten Heathen out!

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