Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Recycling Class 1s

Well, since we only have one grav site, no other wormhole to move to, I decided to start opening our class 1 static and start farming those.

We opened our first, ran a bunch of sites, and closed the hole. I had it down to a science.

Then after Incursion, I tried closing our B274 static high sec and it didn't close at 2 bil mass. Hmm, this was new to me. Did some searching and asked on the boards, and I guess there's always been a variance. Funny I have never ever seen it before. Very odd. The Orca is 250 mil, and 8 jumps and that b274 always closes, eve if only the Anathema, weighing in at only 1.1 million mass has jumped back and forth once. That means, up til this point, all my B274s have closed at 2.0002 bil mass. That's pretty much no variance at all.

But, the last few have varied wildly. Making it very hard to close the statics without getting someone stuck on the other side.

Anyhow, fast forward to us opening our Class 1 statics. I closed a few yesterday, and finally found a beauty. Thirty three combat sites, but almost empty of sigs. One radar, one mag site, one grav and no ladar. The Dotlan was completely clear.

Oh, it's a static nullsec. That's why. A Class 1 with a static nullsec. No ones gonna live in here. We had 16 hours to clean out the sites.

We did it in about five. 86 nanoribbons.

One of our static C1s had a high sec two jumps from Jita today. :)

Total haul in Jita today was 639 mil.

I'm closing a Class 1 static atm right now, I'm using three Retrievers fitted with warp stab, and two Impels. The static has a 500 mil mass limit. The Trievers are 20 mil, the Impels 19. All five together is 98 mil. I do them all twice, then two Retrievers back and through. That leaves me at 478.6 with a couple Anathema trips. Earlier today, I took three Retrievers through, came back, and still had to take a Retriever back through and had it close behind him. But I always probe down the static high sec before I chance that, and the Class 1 was actually three jumps from our Class 2 entrance....not much lost there.

Used a Pilgrim instead, 14 mil mass, ended up stuck too. 14 jumps back.

So, anyone out there want to share how they close class 1s now?

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