Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Power of Perception

I just had an interesting encounter I thought warranted a post of some sort. After checking DOTLAN today, I saw we had four jumps showing. I had previously scanned so I was fairly sure we were secure. So I logged in and jumped into my Anathema and saw.....nothing.

Hmmm. A quick check of my sigs turned up one new wormhole, which I promptly headed over to see what it was. I hopped in my Purifier and headed find a Loki and a Proteus on the other side. I checked the locus and found it was a Class 4. Also on scan were two combat probes and a Moa. Interesting.

I jumped back through to see what they would do and to start to kill my timer, and they followed me through. I quickly recloaked and they tried to catch me with a MWD on the Proteus, but I also have a MWD and had pulsed it before cloaking. I quickly headed back to the POS and hopped into the Pilgrim, logged Nyslia in on the Devoter, and boarded our neut Dominix with Firt. I also logged in Jelloshot in the Oneiros. I squad warped us to within 10km of the WH and waited for the fireworks.

I landed with my Pilgrim and moved off the warp in, and the two T3s were still there. My Devoter landed behind me, about 7k off the hole and started towards it. I put up the Warp Field Generator and started to orbit the WH, while they started to target her. I uncloaked and turned all my systems on the Proteus. The Dominix was in warp.

And they jumped back through before the Domi ever landed. Puzzled I jumped through after them in my Pilgrim. They warped away quickly. What the heck was going on? Maybe they had a spy at the POS? So I hung out for a few minutes to see what happened, and when no one showed for ten minutes, I jumped back through.

Oh well, I thought, guess I'll close this quick. I took the Domi back to the POS and swapped out for a double warp stabbed Orca Jesus, and logged in another Orca pilot. I cloaked the Onieros at near 80km off the hole and left the Devoter sitting on the wormhole.

I poked my Orcas through, and the Moa disappeared off scan, but the two combat probes were still there. *shrug*

On the second jump into the C4, both the T3s were there to greet my Orcas. This was puzzling to me, until I realized that they probably weren't aware of the mass limit and weren't experienced hole closers. I patiently waited out my cloak to see if they would get impatient and head back through before me as I hoped, but they sat waiting for my Orcas to show themselves. One uncloaked and they started targetting, so I took him home. The hole went crit right on schedule, so I decided to linger with my second Orca and see what kind of damage they could dish out. I have a decent shield tank on both Orcas, and they let er rip. I was hoping I could lure them back with thoughts of an easy kill, but alas, they were too spooked or they were too savvy. One more jump and the hole closed behind me.

I then got to spend an hour opening and closing our B274 looking for a good Jita connection. After three tries, I settled on 16 jumps away. I loaded up both Orcas, then realized all my PI would never fit through the single wormhole's mass. Whoops. So I moved out the expensive stuff and a chunk of it, went and got my Providence freighter from Jita and am slowly piloting 16 jumps there and will take it all 16 jumps back.

WTB web!

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