Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Class 1s.

Yesterday, we finally said goodbye to our low sec static Class 1. We had it listed with Raid'En, our trusted wormhole broker, for over a week, and no bites, so we decided we were done with the fueling runs through low sec.

It was a mostly uneventful op, with a small pirate corp attempting to catch our Impel at the last gate.(single point fit FTL) After screwing around with him and his obvious alts in local, we got on with the job. Using a Prorator, we lifted all our remaining guns and POS modules, then all the fuel and strontium, out into the local high sec area for retrieval later. All the while, the pirate and his alts obviously thought we were leaving through one of the two gates when we headed into the wormhole, since he manned them both instead of ratting like he had been when we arrived. /shrug. I guess it just proves you don't always have to be that intelligent to play EVE.

We self destructed the battleships, Hulks and Covetors, netting around 100 mil in insurance, and flew out all the stripped modules. After unanchoring the POS, we took one last look around. Only a single forgotten Mobile Warp Disruptor was all that proved anyone had ever lived here.

This hole was a fast site spawner, but it also proved to be a K162 magnet. This hole was responsible for more traffic, and more of our ship losses than I've sustained so far in Eve. I'll never bother living in a low sec static again unless it's purpose was to PvP. I don't care what everyone says, the low sec hole had more traffic than any of the high sec holes we've lived, or currently live in.

Not to mention that those who found our hole and came inside, were proportionally more experienced in PvP, and more bloodthirsty all around. Low sec, to me, means a higher percentage of prepared individuals or corps looking for killboard posts.

But, in the end, we came out WAY ahead in the ISK vs Loss ratio, and we are highly more experienced because of it. It may have cost alot of ships and ISK, but in the end, I'd say it was worth it.

But I'm still never living in a low sec static hole again. :)

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