Friday, November 28, 2014


So things have been going well lately. We managed to get some mining in, not as much as we would have liked, but at least we brought some ore in. Last Jita run brought in about 2 bil. So I decided to pick up twp Legions again for PvE purposes. I think I've learned my lesson on that.

So our corpmate Gnicklas has joined us in the hole now, so one of the Legions are fitted with missiles, and he does a horrendous amount of damage at closer range. I picked up a pulse Legion for my own use to make the combat sites go faster. We've also moved our PI a bit, and now we are only producing Robotics and Coolant. All Mech Parts and Consumer Electronics go towards Robotics.

Which brings me to a kill I made yesterday, which I'm not very proud of. Normally I'd say people who die in wormhole space get what is coming to them. Everyone knows the risks, and when death claims us, the new clone is no surprise.

A number of ships were in our wormhole scanning, and one actually jumped to a Data site in an Astero with Nick's combat probes on scan. We were in the site with him, cloaked, but didn't attack because surely this was a trap. No one is this stupid.

We were wrong. At some point in the next 30 seconds, he must have finally seen the combat probes,.and off he went. I tried to beat him to the hole he jumped to with my Devoter, but just missed him. I tried to catch him on the other side with my Pilgrim, but he cloaked up and was gone.

And then a Rupture appeared on scan, threw out some Core Scanners and went at it. Still with Combat Probes on DSCAN from us. What the hell was going on?

The Rupture ended up at our Z647 to a C1, which we hadn't scanned down, so the gent had way too much time to get away, and he jumped through as I landed in the Pilgrim. Rats, missed another one. I sat 10km off the hole and had some sort of banter with Nick, and about five minutes later I decided to jump through to see what was in the C1.

And there was the Rupture, 20km from the wormhole. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. And he wasn't trying to warp. ???

I got him pointed, webbed and tracking disrupted and Infi 2s out and attacking. His ship went down pretty fast, and I was pretty sure he was going to make the hole before he popped, but sure enough, his ship exploded.

Again, I fully expected his pod to warp off, but there it sat, I almost didn't bother, but I obliged him on to his next pod. Which is when I noticed local blinking.

"Leave me alone!" Vishera Fett says. Ah geez, sounds like something a newbie would scream as a cold blooded killer approached with a gleaming knife. And sure enough, guy was less than a few weeks old. And his cargo was full of data and relic site loot.

I had just blapped a noob.

So that was the first "oops".

Tonight, we had a hole close to Jita open, so I headed over in the Impel with a load of sellables. Managed half a bil, bought some fuel and headed back. As I warped, I pulled up Agents of Shield on Netflix. I got home, opened up the fuel bay on the POS and thought I filled it up. I got into Shield for a bit, and then started hearing sounds, which  kind of sounded like POS sounds. Like something Onlining/Offlining.

So I checked around the screen. Hmmm, both Corp Arrays are offline. So is the Ship Maint Array. Wait, where's the shield?!?!

Ah shit.

Checking the fuel bay found it completely empty. Well, I'll just grab the fuel out of the wrong place I put it.....uh oh, I can't take stuff out of offlined Corp Arrays....and I don't have any other fuel just handy.

I quickly popped my Orca outside and found fuel four jumps away. I settled my Purifier I had jumped in before I accidentally offlined my whole station near the open wormhole and hoped no one with any serious firepower would float on by. I also put Nyslia in her Devoter next to the tower itself and turned on her bubble, maybe someone would think the bubble was the was the only real play I had.

Ten minutes and eight jumps in an Orca later, I put the fuel I bought into the POS and started onlining it. Ah crap, I forgot it's 30 minutes to online the station! I had to run to get some chicken wings I had already ordered before the debacle, so off I went as fast as possible. I got backfour minutes before the shield came back up, no one in the system. Whew.

Now I'm  having to online each gun battery. Argh. Hopefully I'll learn from this snafu.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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