Friday, December 5, 2014

Null Sec Detour

I'm on my way to Jita right now in the Orca laden with PI. Chock full, in fact. I could only fit like 1/3 of all we have stocked. I discovered a K162 from High Sec eight jumps from Jita, so figured I better make good on this one since the last one didn't go so well.

Nick had sent me a text, we had six connecting wormholes and were quite busy. This was an understatement. When I logged in, there was an Elite Destroyer Wreck, followed by numerous types of T3s and Stealth Bombers appearing on scan. Yikes, what was going on?

So I shipped up into a Purifier and checked siggy to see what we had......our B274 was open to WHERE?!?! PERIMETER????

Yep. Holy crap, no wonder everyone and their brother was in the hole. I headed over to scout it out, and found aforementioned SBs and a Proteus that cloaked in and out. Abruptly the hole shuddered and a Prorator appeared and stealthed quickly. Followed by another as the SBs tried to catch them. The blockade runners were the same corp as the dead destroyer. Guess he'd been defending his buddies. o7.

The hole shook again and yet another Prorator appeared and cloaked. The wormhole then contracted to half mass. Geez they'd been busy, as I would expect from a hole exiting into Perimeter. I warped over to the null sec hole I knew we had, and sure enough, I spotted a ship exiting that was from the shuttling corp. I decided if they were this busy, I would try a small ambush with my new Oracle. I had fitted it out with Tech 2 Tachyon Beam Lasers, and was itching to try it on a target.

I reshipped Forgotten into the Oracle, Nyslia in her Devoter and placed her on the null sec hole. I warped Forgotten at 100km off the wormhole and cloaked with an Improved Cloak. I logged in Jelloshot in her Onerios in case it hit the fan, and Firt in his Myrmidon fitted with Armor Links for some extra tank. Again, just in case.

I didn't have to wait very long. The wormhole belched forth another destroyer akin to the dead one, a Catalyst. Odd ship to be defending null sec loot shuttles....but I threw up the bubble and started firing with my Devoter's two medium lasers, which appeared to be just fine for the task, so I did not uncloak my Oracle. At some point in time, I had decided to swap to my Multifreq crystals in my Tachyons instead of the Microwaves, and was sitting at about 900 DPS, waiting for a worthy target.

A Prorator came through the wormhole again, and the Proteus uncloaked and made a microwarpdrive stab at it to try to catch it before it cloaked, but the Prorator was quicker and slithered back behind the safety of it's veil. The Proteus, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. I uncloaked and commenced firing with my Oracle as he started firing on Nyslia in her Devoter. She was in no danger, as he was fit for stealth combat. His armor melted rapidly and he decided discretion was the better part of valor and fled into the null sec hole.

I may not have gotten a kill, but I'll take driving off a T3 intent on his target. I called it a day and left the hole to the denizens of Perimeter.

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