Saturday, November 1, 2014

Damnation Fight That Results In A Wardec?

Not too much has been going on lately, just PI and some mining. Managed a Jita run that should net almost 1 bil in returns. That included our first use of our Compression Array, which is stupidly easy to use. Why the hell did they make me go through building a Rorqual and all that compression time? Oh well, it's easy now.

I've mostly been trying to keep our wormhole connections as closed as possible, and in doing that, I invariably run into those who are looking for fights. And when said fight should result in little risk for me, I'll take part in it. But why would anyone be annoyed with their opponents using a wormhole to jump to safety as I assume is the reason for the wardec? That was his plan anyhow, and the whole reason he was running a buffer fit Damnation in the first place. Oh, and had two, TWO, Onerioses on standby.

So I'm sitting on our B274 to High Sec, and I'm running stuff out. My Devoter is on zero at the hole, and I'm in a Purifier, cloaked, at some range, which ended up obviously being too close. I also had an Onerios cloaked at 50km.

A couple Magnates and an Anathema jumped in, I hit both Magnates as they jumped out, and the Anathema flew off. Then the Damnation jumped in. He opened fire on my Devoter, so I decided to see what he had to bring.

I had never actually fought a Damnation before, and I have to say I was impressed. My Devoter is fit for tanking everything, with a passive over 100k EHP fit. It is also fit for closing wormholes, not for combat, other than the aforementioned tanking. It only has two medium lasers on it. I opened fire with these. My tank was fine. Then he must have bumped my Purifier sometime in the fight, and as it happens when you multibox, I didn't know it. I was far into armor before I realized it was under fire and unable to get away. It popped and I got my pod to safety. And then he started neuting the Devoter.

It's also fit with CCC rigs, so it wasn't in immediate danger, but I could see the tank would eventually fail. I had him about half armor with my two little lasers, so I decided to neut him back and jumped in my Pilgrim. This is when I found out my Pilgrim fit sucks.

I've never bothered with fits that use Cap Boosters, but my Pilgrim was never cap stable.Two Medium Neuts and a Heavy Nos, two Tracking Disruptors, and a MWD. In hindsight, these didn't all work together very well, and he popped out some Hammerhead 2s, which I didn't know Damnations had drones, and he really went to work on my Pilgrim. Oh well, it's obvious he wants a fight and he's going to jump to safety when I get him lower, so I uncloaked my Onerios and repped my Pilgrim back up. Then he sent his Hammerheads at my Onerious and jumped in his own.

Since it was obvious where this was going, I said good fight in local and jumped out, to find a second Onerios waiting to jump in. Hmmmm. Alright, well it's bedtime for me anyhow, so I docked up and headed to bed.

That morning, I logged in and found a notification that the alliance this gent belonged to had wardecced me. Stranger still, another corp wanted to ally with me for the war. What's up with that?

So the war started and I almost forgot about it, and I kind of assume that's the point, as I found some of the wartargets near Jita sitting on gates. Probably pretty easy to get corps who play casually to not notice they're at war with an alliance and get transport and easy kills.

So I guess we'll be staying in the hole for awhile.

Forgotten Heathen out.

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